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My Story


I used to think that health was about going to the doctors for a check up, getting on the right medications, and doing what you are told. When I went through nursing school and worked my first year as a cardiac nurse, I realized that health is SO much more than that.

I quickly became sick. The stressors in my life made me physically ill. I had fatigue, a weakened immune system, joint pains, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, I was crying ALL the time, I could go on... I realized something was wrong.  Something had to change.

I had to leave my stressful nursing job for a while to give my body the space to heal. I dove head first into the world of holistic health and studied to become a yoga teacher, holistic health coach, holistic stress relief instructor, Reiki level II practitioner, and herbalist. I have learned how treating the body as a WHOLE can HEAL. I have seen the physical changes in my own body; more energy, balanced hormones, better digestion, stable weight, no joint pain, more JOY. 

Now, I am back in nursing school and studying to be a women's health nurse practitioner! My dream is to give women the whole truth on health and treat my patients using an integrative and functional approach to medicine.

As a holistic health coach, I use my knowledge and experience to help you work toward your health and wellness goals and live the life of your dreams! Ready to get started?