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Energy Matters, Period.

I want to tell you my personal story, to show you just how much the energy and stress of what we are doing and how we are living our lives TOTALLY effects our physical health.

There was a time when I didn't get my period for about 9 months... and NO, I was not not pregnant, phew! But I was working as a cardiac nurse on a very busy floor of the hospital. I was working twelve hour shifts as a new nurse, and it didn't take long for me to realize I did not belong there.

Not to discount nurses AT ALL, because I am still a nurse and I know how important they are - I just changed the way I practice what I've learned by starting my holistic health coaching business. Nurses rock and if I ever ended up in the hospital I would be SO thankful for the nurses and the work they do, but this work is definitely not for everyone and I knew it was not for me.

My head was telling me to stick it out, but my heart (and truly the rest of my body) was telling me to get out. Not only was I experiencing amenorrhea (abnormal absence of menstruation) but I was always stressed out, and would come home crying to my mom out of pure exhaustion from the day and the stress of knowing I needed to leave.

I decided to make a change. All within one week, I gave my notice, decided to move out of my parents to the New Hampshire seacoast, signed up for a yoga teacher training, and went to the chiropractor for the very first time. My chiropractor is amazing by the way, her name is Dr. Sofia Haffenreffer. When she adjusts me, she also does a lot of energy work including Reiki and polarity.

THAT WEEK, I got my period for the first time in MONTHS. This was no coincidence.

The irregularity of my period went on, but I did start getting it more often. Some months I had the feeling I was going to get it... you can just tell, but nothing would happen. Each time I would see Sofia, she would do some energy work and either THAT day or the next I would get it... every time.

Once she had me pick a Tarot card, and think "flow" as I chose. Of course, I picked a card that had a picture of a waterfall... again, that day I got it.

Another day, I was expressing my frustration for not getting it to my boyfriend, Joe. I said, "I just need to think 'FLOW'," and I made a whooshing gesture downward with my hands, by my belly and pelvis. NO JOKE, five minutes later I went to the bathroom and there she was! "My friend," I like to call her... this blew my mind.

Finally, things became more regular as I moved more into alignment in my life; moved in with Joe (and his parents), started health coaching and doing more yoga, spending lots of time outside, etc. I got my period regularly every month this year... until August.

Nothing. I could tell my hormones were way off, especially from the annoying, hormonal acne I was experiencing along my jawline that month. Similar to many women, I was running around all summer, to various events, weddings, vacations, I started running again and biking to work. It was a little too much stress on my body, even though it was all good things (good things can be stressful too!).

Not to mention I was planning the whole summer for our move into our new barn apartment come September 1st. I remember saying to Joe, "I bet when we move I will get it."

So I went to my magical Sofia, and she did some energy work once more, the week before our move. She said she could feel a lot of stagnant energy in me that really needs some moving! I said sarcastically, "That would be the anticipation..."

Nothing had happened that day, or the next; but we moved into our apartment on Sunday, and I woke up Tuesday morning with a visit from none other than My Friend. I said to Joe, "I told you I would get it as soon as we moved here!"

I knew I would feel more at peace once we moved into our own place together and I was in alignment once more.

I hope my story has shown you just how important it is for our physical health to manage our stress and balance our energy. We can do this is by getting Reiki energy work done, or by working with a holistic health coach like myself to work towards your health goals through making healthy lifestyle choices.

If you want to start living more in alignment, set up a complimentary wellness consult with me today! Send me an email at katie@katieoconnorwellness.com

Peace and regular periods to all,

Katie O.

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