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Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

As I mentioned in my recent blog post, 10 Immune Boosting Tips, Elderberry syrup is an amazing herbal remedy to have in your cabinet when your body needs a boost!

Elderberry contains quercetin, a plant flavanol found naturally in various dark red fruits and berries, as well as in green tea. This antioxidant has powerful antiviral properties, and has been shown to inhibit several strains of influenza, hepatitis B and C, as well as other viruses. It also combats inflammation and is a powerful antihistamine. Not to mention elderberry syrup tastes SO good, I try to take a teaspoon every day... and much more when I am feeling under the weather.

Elderberry syrup can be found in health food stores, local herbs shops, or you can make your own at home! And I am going to tell you step-by-step how easy and fun this can be.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe:

You will need:

- 2/3 cup dried elderberries

- 2 tbsp fresh ginger diced

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- 5 whole cloves

- 3 1/2 cups water

- 1 cup local honey

I got my elder berries from The Mustard Seed in Nottingham, NH. Another great place to get them is Misty Meadows Herbal Farm, some health food stores, or even online at Mountain Rose Herbs. I got my honey at the Newmarket Farmer's Market!

Step 1: Pour elderberries into a medium saucepan and add water, cinnamon, cloves, and fresh ginger. Stir to combine.

Step 2: Bring to boil, then down to a simmer and cover for 45 minutes to an hour (until the liquid has reduced by about half) stirring occasionally.

Step 3: When ready remove from heat and mash berries with a flat utensil (I used a mason jar).

Step 4: Strain into a mixing bowl using a fine mesh strainer. Use a wooden spoon to press the liquid out of the berries as you strain, as pictured below.

Step 5: Pour honey into strained liquid and stir until combined.

Step 6: Store elderberry syrup in glass containers in the refrigerator. Enjoy daily to give your immune system a boost!

*This blog does not replace personal medical advice and I always recommend you consult your doctor for medical advice.

Happy Healing!

Katie O.

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