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Safer skincare 

for everyone.

The deeper I dove into my own healing journey, the more I realized that it's not just about the food we eat and how much we exercise. I learned that our environments, where we sleep, work, and eat, also have a HUGE impact on our health. Not only do we have to look out for harmful ingredients and chemical sprays in our food, but we also have to choose carefully when it comes to our cleaning products, furniture, paints, and the products we use on our bodies to get ready every single day.

Unlike our food, our skincare products are NOT regulated in the U.S. So pretty much anything goes... regardless of how harmful the ingredients are. 

Did you know that 1,400 harmful ingredients are banned from care products in the European Union, yet only 30 are banned in the United States...

What gives??? Were my original thoughts... The shampoo, soaps, lotions, chapstick, mascara I was using all contained sketchy ingredients that I was exposing myself to with each use! Of course, it made things worse when I realized these chemicals act as hormone disruptors within the body. As someone who has suffered from PCOS... this really caught my attention.

Luckily, a friend of mine showed me a company that is paving the way towards better and safer beauty. Not to be a good saleswomen, but because she truly believed in and was SO passionate about this. She simply wanted to educate me and I totally appreciated that. That company is not only creating beautiful and SAFE products, but is also working to make a greater change for government regulation on our products. 


That company, is BEAUTYCOUNTER. 

I was so impressed with Beautycounter's work and I quickly became obsessed with their products. Especially as someone struggling with hormonal imbalances, it gave me piece of mind knowing that the products I was using were totally safe and healing. I joined Beautycounter as a consultant so I can share this important information and amazing products with all of you, and it has been so rewarding to be a part of a greater movement towards a healthier world for ALL of us.

Here's how you can join the movement: